Distillery Soy Candle 190g & 450g- Various available

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190g - Single wick with wooden lid

450g- Triple wick with wooden lid

  • Hand poured triple scented soy candles and diffusers
  • Australian owned and designed
  • Custom Australian and French designed fragrances
  • Infused with distilled essential oils and natural plant extracts
  • Natural, recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Clean burning with lead free cotton wicks.
  • Do not contain toxins or carcinogens.
  • Manufactured to FDA and KOSHER standards
  • Vegan and cruelty free

Description of Fragrances available:

Lemon Blossom & Summer Moss (Awaken) - Formally known as EARTH GODDESS

Uplifting, fresh and energising.  Evoke favourite memories and enhance your mood to unleash the positive and creative power of your mind.

Lemongrass, Line & Ginger (Bliss) - Formally known as BUDDHA BLISS

An infectious, energetic and vibrant blend of zesty notes, this perfectly balanced and refreshing  fragrance is truly delicious.

Blood Orange & Goji Berry (Crystal Healing) - NEW FRAGRANCE

A classic bold and enlivening fragrance.  Harnesses hints of the sun, the moon and the oceans to excite the senses and let stress melt away.

Mango Wood & Saffron (Enchantment) - NEW FRAGRANCE

Luxurious and majestic, this fragrance will leave you wanting more. Enhance any occasion with an exotic sense of wonder and vitality.

Black Honey & Tea (Goddess) - Formally known as GODDESS ENERGY

A soothing and comforting blend of wild flower black honey nectar infused with aromatic tea elevates this mysterious, beautiful fragrance to other-worldly status.

Grapefruit Cassis (Imagination) - Formally known as PRINCESS POMONA

Both bright and deep, this fragrance oozes the rich juices of wild berries combined with tingly citrus.  This sophisticated blend sharpens and invigorates the mood.

Fruity Essence (Magic!) - Formally known as DRAMA QUEEN

Perfectly ripe, sun kissed fruit bursting with flavour stirs the senses and is balanced with watery green nuances to bring a mystical quality to this enchanting fragrance.

Jasmine & Vanilla (Soulful) - Formally known as SOUL MATES

Both classic and contemporary, this fragrance perfectly combines sparkling jasmine with the more mellow vanilla and hints of greenery to create a sensual, delicate and sophisticated ambience.

Papaya Punch (Tantalising) - Formally known as PRINCESS POMONA

A mouth-watering cocktail of Papaya, Mango, Kaffir Lime Leaves and Passionfruit kissed by a hint of tropical white blooms. Be swept away to an eternal summer retreat and relax!

Vanilla Dream (Tranquility) - Formally known as DELICIOUS

Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac that simultaneously induces euphoria and relaxation.  Beware, this fragrance is rich, velvety, exotic, sensual and addictive!


28 Hours burn time

** Trim candles wick to keep an even burn and prevent unsightly black smokiness and carbon around the glass! 

Shipping: 3-7 days


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