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AMAZONITE - Good Health.  Strengthens the heart and body. Connects body, mind and spirit. Brings spirituality, joy, happiness and contentment.
AMETHYST - Intuition Spirituality, contentment, stability, strength, invigoration and inner peace. Great for meditation and intuition.


AVENTURINE - Joy, Happiness, Love.  Releases fear and anxiety. Promotes independence, change and creativity. Creates a positive attitude toward life.
BLUE HOWLITE - Communication.  Helps you to connect with your dreams and to communicate and express your thoughts.

CARNELIAN - Revitalisation.  Crystal Chip Tooth Bracelet. Promotes optimism.  Good for motivation and increasing sensuality.  Increases mental and physical energy.

CHAKRA COLOURS - Harmony. Balances the energy centres of the body. Brings harmony to body, mind and spirit. Balances the emotions and energy levels.


CLEAR QUARTZ - Energiser.  Purifying, clarifying and harmonising.  Good for meditation, healing and balance the emotions.


FLUORITE - Wisdom.  Promotes intuition and concentration.  Eliminates chaos and negativity.  Aids in decision making.

GARNET - Passion.  Also known as the commitment stone. It is a physically healing crystal releasing negativity. Strengthens self-confidence. Helps to achieve goals.
GOLDSTONE BROWN - Achieve Goals.  Encourages exploration of the possibilities in life. Removes feelings that stop your potential. Provides strength.


GYRASOL - Balances the emotions.  Brings hidden unconscious thoughts to the surface, helps with clarity and dissolves tension. Also known as 'Moon Quartz'.

HEMATITE - Stress Relief.  Calming and healing.  Enhances courage, optimism, will power and energy.  Nourishing for the body and circulation


MOOKAITE - Calming

Promotes mental attunement, courage and optimism.  It is balancing, grounding and energising.  Encourages versatility and a deep calmness.  Assists when trying new experiences.


NEW JADE - Luck and Prosperity

Emotional and physical cleanser.  Promotes a long and abundant life.  Brings good luck and prosperity.  Symbol of purity and serenity.  Increases love, nurturning and harmony.


RED CORAL - Emotional Healing
 Balances and heals emotions. Brings peace, stimulates intuition and relieves stress. Helps to achieve goals.
RHODONITE - Unconditional Love.
 Builds confidence, self-esteem. Increases energy levels and improves memory. Calming, soothing and promotes love.
 Calming and nurturing. Promotes love, self-acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. Helps enhance harmony in relationships.
SODALITE - Calming

 Alleviates fears.  Calms and clears the mind.  Brings clarity.  Good for communication.


SMOKEY QUARTZ - Dissolves Negativity


Good for protection.  Creates energy, movement and change.  Eases depression and brings up suppressed emotions. 


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