Magnesium Bath Bombs- Recovery Bath Bomb

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MAGNESIUM BATH BOMB 3" - Recovery Bath Bomb

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Our ingredients are of the finest quality.

Ingredients include Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Corn starch, Magnesium Oil, Skin Safe Coloring, Fragrance oil.

PREMIUM SCENT: Lavender, Peppermint 

Every bath bomb is individually wrapped to preserve freshness

Weight: 120g-125g


Flavor/Scent Luxury Soakology Magnesium infused bath bombs. Now that a great idea not just relaxing but beneficial to you as well! Everyone remembers their first leg cramp! Or watching someone else crumble into an overwhelming pose of agony!

After exercise or in bed waking up, they hit you when you least need them. It certainly does take your breath away and ache for the rest of your day! Magnesium Chloride has many benefits from helping the body with achy and exhausted muscles to helping the muscles relax, it is an essential mineral that we need. You can achieve this by bathing in Magnesium or any of our Soakology range. The bath bomb can be used in full or broken in half or even 1/2 used per bath, it is up to the user as to how strong they would like their bath to be.

So all up it may help for:

Improved Sleep

Muscle Cramping

Restless Legs

Magnesium Deficiency

Athletic Performance


HOW TO USE: Unwrap the bath bomb and place in warm bath water. The bath bomb will fizz and fill your bath with bubbles.

Buy with confidence! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Colour: Lime Green or White

Shipping: 3-7 days






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