Serene Pod® Melts

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SERENE POD® 4g & 35g Melts

SERENE HOUSE’s propriety wax collection comprises 12 individual scents, each represented by a different color. So at the same time as creating greater variety, we have also created greater clarity. Big improvements have also been made in the areas of packaging and user-friendliness.

Our patented Serene Pods are now much easier to insert into and remove from our Serene Pod® Warmers. Together with the great variety of fragrances in the wax collection, they constitute a revolution in air care.

Fragrances: 12

  • Lemon Zest

The captivating and irresistible scent of sweet orange infused with refreshing rose petals, a fragrance that will trigger the seventh sense.

Scent Note - Sweet orange and lemon, rose, lime, musk, cedar wood


  • Lavender Vanilla

After a long and exhausting day at work, this fragrance will bring you an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Lavender Vanilla is an exotic fragrance blended from lavender, patchouli and warm vanilla.

 Scent Note - Lavender, patchouli, musk, cedar wood, vanilla


  • Rose Bouquet

Throughout history the rose fragrance has been the ultimate floral expression of luxury, feminine elegance and love. Romantic and sensual, a rose is more than just a rose.

Scent Note - Geranium, rose, cedar wood, sandalwood

  •  Jasmine Evening

 Jasmine is known as the 'king of oils'. Its flowers release their perfume at dusk. And what a wonderfully sensuous perfume it is! Blended with precious woods, this rich floral scent delivers serenity.

 Scent Note - Geranium, jasmine absolute, vanilla, musk, cedar wood


  • Apple Cinnamon

Do you love the smell of apple pie? Apple and Cinnamon, takes you right back to your grandma’s kitchen.

Scent Note - Cinnamon, spice, with apple and pear


  • Maple Butter Cream

An aroma composed of maple syrup and buttermilk that smells like hot, delicious pancakes. In the mornings, this scent might even work as a sweet alternative to the alarm clock!

Scent Note - Creamy, vanilla, peach, orange, banana


  • Green Tea

Green Tea is an uplifting and energizing airy fragrance. Containing the refreshing citrus aroma, it’s sure to enliven your day.

Scent Note - Citrus, green tea extract, jasmine, musk and wood


  • Clean Cotton

A fragrance that captures that pleasant scent of just-out-of-the-dryer freshness! A blend of peony, magnolia and lily flowers, Clean Cotton is an elegant and subtly sexy scent.

 Scent Note - Peony, magnolia, lily, musk


  • Spring Fresh

Longing for the excitement of spring? Choose Spring Fresh for a charming scent that encompasses the flowery and fresh scents of awakening nature.

Scent Note - Lavender, herbal, eucalyptus, lemon


  • Morning Dew

Nothing can beat the scent of dewy flowers and grass. Morning Dew is Serene House’s signature wax blend. This one is a classic.

Scent Note - Jasmine, rose, orange, marine


  • Beach Cottage

If you long for the scent of the ocean, try Beach Cottage and transform your home into a cottage by the sea. Escape stress by relying on the power of nature.

Scent Note - Cassis, rose, jasmine, musk


  • Winter Blessings

Winter Blessings mingles pine, balsam fir and cedar wood with sweet vanilla and is the ultimate relaxing fragrance to welcome family and friends with during a cosy weekend.

Scent Note - Orange, lemon, pine, balsam fir, cedar wood, vanilla


Material: Soy Wax

Melt Weight: 4g SERENE Pod® Melt

Melt duration: 100 Hours

Whats in Box: 6 x 4g Melt


Fast Shipping: 3-7 days

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